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New discovery of hydrocarbons by Sonatrach in Niger

New discovery by SH in Niger

“Very positive” signs have been recorded recently by the company Sonatrach concerning a new discovery of hydrocarbons in Niger, announced Monday in Hassi-Messaoud (900 km south of Algiers), the President Director-General (CEO ) of the Sonatrach group, Adelmoumen Ould Kaddour.

Speaking at a briefing at the end of his working and inspection visit to the region, Ould Kaddour reported “very positive signs recorded in recent days on a new discovery of ‘hydrocarbons, made by Sonatrach, in Niger’.

“We have drilled and found, but for the moment it is not yet an economic discovery, because it takes a whole phase of evolution, despite that, the first fruits and the indices are very positive,” he said. he said.  

“The company is preparing its future to know where it is possible to go in 10 to 15 years,” said the CEO of Sonatrach, stressing the importance of the development of petrochemicals in Algeria, particularly in the region. framework of the foreign partnership.

“We have met several foreign companies who would like to return to Algeria, to invest in the field of hydrocarbons”, knowing that some companies have already begun to return, he said.

And to add: “Algeria, which has passed a terrible period, has become a stable country and security is there, thanks to the work of the President of the Republic”.


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