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Sonatrach signs two major contracts with American Air Products

$100MM contract signed between SH and Air Products

These two projects will be carried out by Helios, the joint venture company between Sonatrach and Air Products, and will focus on the connection of the helium production unit to the LNG1Z and LNG3Z complexes in Arzew, and on the realization of two air separation units for the production of nitrogen, oxygen and argon at Haoud Berkaoui and Arzew, said the same source.All of this production of nitrogen, oxygen and argon will be made available to COGIZ, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sonatrach for its marketing and distribution on the local or Maghreb market, the statement said.

These projects will strengthen Algeria’s position as a reference producer at an international level of helium, and offer the Algerian market nitrogen at competitive prices while reducing imports of argon.

They also help create new jobs in the south of the country and in the north.

“These industrial gas production projects with a world-renowned partner are part of Sonatrach’s strategy of diversifying our activities, which will make it possible to better develop our resources and secure our industrial gas needs at competitive costs”, Sonatrach’s CEO, Mr. Abdelmoumen Ould Kaddour, said after signing the new contracts.

For his part, Mr. Ahmed Hababou, vice-president of Air Products responsible for the markets of Southern Europe and the Maghreb, expressed his great satisfaction at the completion of these two investment projects with Sonatrach.

“We are very happy to make investments jointly with Sonatrach and build on the success of our joint partnership via the Helios company,” he said.

These two projects, he continued, show the commitment of Air Products in supporting Sonatrach in the realization of its strategic plan SH2030 and also the will to continue to invest in Algeria to make the industrial gas market more competitive and improve service to customers, concluded the statement.


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