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MAIRE TECNIMONT signs an EPC contract with Sonatrach for 248.5 Million USD

Sonatrach has signed with MAIRE TECNIMONT a contract for EPC production of a fourth LPG train located at the GPL ZCINA industrial complex at 06 km from the city of Hassi Messaoud.

The objective pursued through this achievement is to upgrade the associated liquids of gas from the north Hassi Messaoud fields with a nominal gas treatment capacity of 08 MMSm3 / d.

This project will treat associated gas produced at the north Hassi Messaoud field to increase the production of LPG and stabilised condensate and improve the quality of the gas intended for gas lift needs.

In figures, this project will increase LPG production capacity from 3600 T / d to 4800 T / d and condensate from 330 T / d to 480 T / d and produce 07 MMSm3 / d of dry gas.

The scope of services and supplies of the EPC contract estimated at 29 167 262 932 DZD is equivalent to 248.5 million USD.

The two contractors emphasised on the importance of respecting the duration of this project, the duration of which was set at 30 months.

Abdelmoumen Ould Kaddour said that MAIRE TECNIMONT has just returned to Algeria and this project gives him the opportunity to prove that it is a good company through an exemplary project.

Regarding the opportunities of LPG on the international market, Abdelmoumen Ould Kaddour indicated that the market for LPG and condensate is still attractive and that Algeria had no problem selling this type of product, “we have requests from different countries including countries that are not connected to a gas network, it is used in areas such as Africa or Lebanon.

The SH signs, its first contract resulting from the new configuration EPM, Engineering Project Manager Division.

In the SH 2030 strategy, the EPM is directly attached to the general management and supports the projects of SH.


Imen Khemici – Al Iqtisadia

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