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El-Bayadh: Inauguration of the solar power plant in Labiodh Sidi Cheikh

The Minister of Energy, Mustapha Guitouni, inaugurated last Sunday, the solar power plant in the town of Labiodh Sidi Cheikh (130 km south of El Bayadh). This infrastructure, with a production capacity of 24 megawatts, is “a real achievement and a pride for the country,” said the minister during his inspection visit to the wilaya of El-Bayadh. This station, which covers an area of ​​40 hectares and an implementation cost estimated at 4.3 billion DA, contributes to the creation of 39 jobs for young people in the region, including 10 engineers in the field of renewable energies.

The objective of the energy sector in the field of solar electricity is to achieve a production of 22,000 megawatts in the medium and long term, said Mustapha Guitouni, noting that this approach of the State is part of the program of the President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelaziz Bouteflika, in the field of electricity production by renewable energies.

In addition, he mentioned that the program of support of farmers in electricity with the supply of electricity by photovoltaic panels, especially in remote areas is ongoing. As such, the Minister instructed local officials in his area to develop, in collaboration with the agricultural services, studies to feed farmers living near electricity grids.

In the town of Labiodh Sidi Cheikh, Mr. Guitouni gave instructions to the wilaya services to develop an urgent study on the supply of the population of El Bnoud (200 km south of El-Bayadh) in gas with the construction of a propane gas storage station for the benefit of 3,000 inhabitants. This commune remains the only one that is not covered in city gas of the 22 communities that the wilaya has. The connection rate to the city gas network in the wilaya is estimated at 85%.

In addition, Mustapha Guitouni inspected the project in the commune of Labiodh Sidi Cheikh to increase the capacity of the low-voltage public distribution center for natural gas from 5,000 cubic meters to 10,000 cubic meters. The work will have to be completed in the next days.

In addition, the Minister inaugurated the Naftal station, which has been upgraded. In the municipality of Chellala, he inspected the project to build a hydrocarbon depot in the private sector, with an overall storage capacity of 5,000 m3 to ensure a permanent and regular supply of the southern zone of the wilaya, according to the explanations received on the spot. The project with a cost of 680 million DA reached a progress rate of 60%.

The minister’s visit program, which continues in the wilaya, includes the inauguration of a Sirghaz equipment installation center and the commissioning of the city gas network for the benefit of 100 households in Thénia, the capital of wilaya.

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