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Morocco-Nigeria gas pipeline: studies are still in progress

Gazoduc Maroc-Nigéria: les études sont toujours en cours

Studies on the Morocco-Nigeria Pipeline project are still underway, said Minister of Energy, Mines and Sustainable Development Aziz Rabbah, adding that West African countries, including Mauritania are “strongly” interested in the project.

“Studies on the Morocco-Nigeria Pipeline are still ongoing and the joint commission is at work, and West African countries are still keenly interested in this future infrastructure, including Mauritania, which has showed interest in joining in as a producer, “said Rabbah in an interview published on the columns of the new issue of the weekly” La Vie Eco “. Senegal, an ally of the Kingdom, could also become a producer, which would further strengthen the project, he said.

The minister also said that the Morocco-Nigeria gas pipeline project and the Algeria-Nigeria gas pipeline project, launched last October, “may very well be complementary, as is the case today for the Maghreb-Morocco gas pipeline. Europe transiting through Morocco and Medgaz leaving directly from Algeria to Europe “.

In this regard, he noted that the global trend in energy projects is to have a regional perspective to improve energy performance and security.

With regard to the renewal of the Maghreb-Europe gas pipeline contract, Rabbah indicated that the Kingdom, while waiting to settle definitively on the fate of this partnership, has “already initiated the reflection to set up the institutional framework and organization to manage this infrastructure that will become Morocco’s property by 2021 “, noting that both Algerians and Spaniards are interested in extending the contract.


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