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AI and blockchain-powered fitness programmes headed to Dubai

AI and blockchain-powered fitness programmes headed to Dubai
Dubai-based Fit Box Group and tech firm Centrigent will provide what they are billing as the region’s first fitness programme backed by AI and machine learning.
AI and blockchain-powered fitness programmes headed to Dubai

A pair of Dubai-based fitness and technology companies have teamed up to offer what they are billing as the region’s first artificial intelligence and blockchain-powered fitness programmes and facilities.

As part of the partnership, technology firm Centrigent and Fit Box Group – a fitness provider specialising in boxing and mixed martial arts – will work together to develop what they have billed a “digital fitness marketplace” that provides personalised and secure training experiences across entire gym networks.

Speaking to Arabian Business on Sunday, Centrigent CEO Jay Srage said that, from a consumer’s perspective, the main benefit of using AI and blockchain technology is that it will allow them to receive personalised fitness recommendations that can be continued even in other gyms in a network and with unknown trainers.

“We’re Uber-ising the fitness industry,” he said. “As a client and as an athlete, even if you’re using the same gym pass [in different locations], none of the trainers know your or your history.”

AI technology, he said, can use a specific individual’s fitness history, health parameters and previous training history to help create and recommend a future training programme.

“The technology can use your data and that of other people, like what a similar person has done and worked for them, to get the best training programme going forward,” he explained. “The blockchain part gives accessibility in a secure manner across an entire ecosystem of training centres.”

As an example of how he sees the system working, Srage pointed to business travellers who wish to exercise while away from home.

“Let’s see you’re here in Dubai, and you fly to Riyadh. If you’re on a business trip and you get a personal trainer, you have to explain what you want and what needs to be done. Usually they’d want you to do their own programme,” he said. “But with the platform, they can enter their name and see what you’ve done. There is constituency and continuity.”

Additionally, Srage said that he believes the use of AI and blockchain in the fitness industry is a natural progression of the technology, which is already being used in healthcare and other sectors.

“We’re at an inflection point in terms of digital going into different industries. All these technologies are starting to impact traditional or legacy industries,” he said. “It’s now starting to enable other industry players, who need to implement these digital strategies.”

For Fit Box Group, which has two gyms and a promotion company in Dubai and has plans to expand into Saudi Arabia next year, the technology is being used to serve as a “differentiator” with other fitness providers.

“Digital is now an integral part of everyone’s life,” said founder and chief trainer Milad Saadati. “Making digital part of the client journey will enhance their experience significantly and extend it globally.”

Source: arabianbusiness

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