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Saudi Arabia reportedly closes pipeline to Bahrain

The pipeline, which transports up to 130,000 barrels per day of crude to BAPCO, was shut down following attack on Saudi oil infrastructure.

Saudi Arabia has reportedly shut down the crude oil pipeline connecting it to Bahrain following attacks on Saudi Aramco’s Khurais and Abqaiq plants, Reuters reported, citing two anonymous trade sources.

The sources said that Bahrain was in the process of bringing in vessels to transport 2mn barrels of crude from Saudi Arabia.

The pipeline transports 220,000 to 230,000 barrels per day of Saudi Aramco’s light crude, and was shut as the attacks halved the company’s production.

Saudi Aramco controlled the fires at both plants, but reported that its production would drop by 5.7mn barrels per day, shocking the market and jolting oil prices.

While Yemen’s Houthi rebels quickly claimed responsibility for the attack, the Arab Coalition said that the weapons used were provided by Iran.

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